who am i


as you probably know this is ali.

before anything let me explain why did i create this website…

it was simple, i got corona virus and they quarantined me at home so i just created this. actually the goal is to have some online portfolio.

by the way i am the guy who is trying to survive in this  awful road.

yea i know this is a little madness but i like to travel by bike around the country.

and sometimes…

mountain climbing is enjoyable for me

but my favorite activity is…

mountain biking

im not a pro but i try to handle it

actually i was in some cross country races in junior class but never continued as a pro

why i am here?

i am here to prove to the world that you are a champion.

a champ without any support…

a champ who should worry about some basic facilities.

my country doesnt care about champions but i do.

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